I4A™ was the first cloud based, software as a service, provider of association management software.  We have been helping associations reach and serve their communities for two decades.

Our tools are built by people who understand how associations work. We are agile in our approach, and enhance our solutions continuously in response to requests from clients and as technology and the needs of associations grow and change.



Association Management

Originally we were a certified public accounting firm concentrating in associations.  We also provided management services to a professional society and an industry trade group.  I4A™ staff has experience in everything association, including: association management, tax, and accounting; database management and membership;  meeting planning, site visits and registrations and long term strategic planning.

Focus on Technology

In 1996 internet4associations® (I4A™) was organized.  We recognized the importance of the emerging internet and the significance it had for associations. At that time it cost tens of thousands of dollars to create a simple static "brochure" site.  This required a dedicated telephone line,  Unix computers and costly custom programming.  The internet was dominated by dial-up modems and a company called America On-Line®.  We recognized that there had to be a better way.

Continued Growth

I4A™ is, and always has been privately owned. It is not a venture capital start-up and has no venture capital funding.  I4A™ owns all of the equipment used to provide the services it offers.  We are committed to continuously improving our solutions based on input from our association clients and changing technologies.

An Operational Philosophy

Our solutions are designed with associations in mind, developed with their input and are in use by hundreds of organizations.  We are committed to providing outstanding client support to you, so you can focus on what's important.  Our U.S based support team scores a 4.8 out of 5.0 based upon the responses from our own clients.

Our philosophy is to provide a quality product at a good price.  Our focus is to enhance our software, work closely with our clients and grow the business organically.  

I4A™ software is SMART, AFFORDABLE and a SOLUTION.  We mean that sincerely.  And when our clients need us we will be there.


Cloud based, hosted, I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ software simplifies management, improves your presence and reduces your work load.
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A simple seat license, no limits on number of members, contacts or pages. Upgrades and Software Support INCLUDED.
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Our solutions are comprehensive, designed to meet your needs and continually enhanced with your input.
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