All New - Applications and Renewals


All New - Applications and Renewals

Software build 8.1 is just about through QA and there is a LOT to it. But first I want to point out that these changes are more than the enhancements and new features. To accomplish this, the front end of applications and renewals, the part of the software that interacts with members and contacts, had to be completely rewritten in a different software language. This is simply part of the perpetual process of integrating new technologies into our product to keep it current and relevant.

So what's new?

  • Membership applications will now be available for your mobile site.

  • Mobile renewals will include the ability to update contact information, custom questions or to change member type (if allowed).

  • Mobile applications, renewals, registrations, and Forms Builder will all now support using a stored card for payment as well as the ability to save a card on submission. ( and enabling CIM are required.)

  • If you have enabled automatic dues renewals, individuals will be able to enroll in automatic dues renewal via the mobile application or renewal.

  • We have added an option that allows you to require renewing members to use the full application. The intention being that they will update their information and their answers to the custom questions.

  • Applications and Renewals will now support up to two Open Amount fields, which are commonly used for donations. Now you don't have to choose between your foundation or your PAC.

  • Each member type will now support the use of separate GL accounts for joining and renewing. This supports separate accounting, by member type of revenues attributable to new applicants vs. revenue from renewals.

  • We have added the ability for you to choose which standard contact information fields you wish to show or hide and which fields are or are not required.

  • We have added the ability for individuals and organizations to include their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts within their profiles. These can be entered via: applications, editing profiles and by staff and they can be made available in directories.

  • If you use profile photos, individuals will be able to upload these as part of their application or renewal (if using full application form).

  • You will be able to choose whether or not to have membership coupons for only new member applications, only renewals, or both.

And that's not all.



Very truly yours,

Donald Rome


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