Introducing the New Buyers Guide


Introducing the New Buyers Guide
Buyers Guide rounds out our suite of offerings to you: Association Management, Career Placement and now Buyers Guide, a showplace for your members, industry or technology.

An on-line marketplace:   Buyers Guide creates a showplace for "exhibitors" to advertise themselves and their products or services, each with it's own individual display. These products can be searched by manufacturer or distributor, are linked from the exhibitor profiles, provide a comprehensive list of an individual exhibitor's offerings. But, they can also be searched by category, subcategory or key word to create a display of similar products across company lines.

A New Revenue Source:  Buyers Guide allows you to create up to three levels of participation for exhibitors. With each level you can define what is included in their display, including:
  • What detailed contact information is included (email, web address, details, images, etc.),
  • A contact form,
  • How many products can they list.
Price each of these levels differently. Perhaps a basic free listing and then more for images and various numbers of product listings.

Do you have exhibitors who specialize in particular categories or subcategories? Sell them display advertising specific to those categories.

You can directly enter and manage the content of all of the exhibitor profiles and product listings if you choose. But Buyers Guide is designed so that the individual exhibitors can manage that information for themselves if you would prefer not to take that effort on yourself.

Interested in a demo? Give us a call, or email and we would be glad to arrange for a personalized on-line demonstration

Other News:  We have also included a number of additional client requests.

  • Location Management:  We have added the ability for you to allow organization billing contacts to add and edit locations via the organization profile.
  • Contact Types on Renewal:  You may now require a user to select a contact type upon renewal and further you can restrict them to selecting only one contact type if you wish.
  • Review New Member Applications:  We have added checkboxes to this module to make it easier to approve multiple applications in one pass.

Remember, give us a call if you need help with:
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