Survey Builder

All New Survey Builder!

Survey Builder is all new! Integrated with your database and less expensive for your entire site and all of its staff than a single seat license on Survey Monkey®.
Allow anyone to have access to the survey or set it to:

  • All members,
  • Select member types,
  • or Members AND Non-members based on any groups you have created.

Email a link to the survey for the above selection right from within the module.
Optionally, set your surveys to allow only one submission per user.
The front end and results page are displayed using Bootstrap for a clean, responsive, user-friendly look and feel.


Other Advantages:

  • You don’t have to export data,
  • The survey remains within your site, not elsewhere,
  • You can use your existing contact data and groups to restrict access,
  • You have immediate access to the results, AND, the individual submissions - right within your membership software,
  • View submissions online or download to your laptop,
  • It AUTOMATICALLY defaults to email whomever you have set to have access,
  • The license is per site, not per seat, so every admin of a given association has access,
  • Supports reCAPTCHA to prevent robo-submissions,
  • Automatic Start and Stop dates,
  • Automatically email submissions to staff,
  • Customize your heading/instructions and thank-you text,
  • Prebuilt multi-select options, i.e.: level of interest, level of importance, quality, etc. to choose from,
  • Your Option, allow respondents to view results or not.


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