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PayPal merchant services:

Internet4associations through its partnership with PayPal can now offer 2.2% plus 30 cents on Visa, MC and Discover (3.5% on Amex) to all of our clients who sign up for PayPal Merchant Services and PayPal will waive the monthly fee for the gateway.  This rate is guaranteed for 90 days and will only increase if your volume is less than $10,000/month.  The rate increments marginally but never exceeds 2.9%  and will readjust downward if your volume picks up.  If you're one of those lucky ones who have negotiated a more favorable rate contact us anyway, we may be able to match or beat that rate via PayPal Merchant Services.  Of course you can also use PayPal, as a gateway only, to connect your web site to your existing merchant account, so that you don't have to change banking relations.

PayPal Express Checkout:

If you prefer the traditional PayPal service which includes PayPal as a payment option we support that as well.  You can offer this service alone or in addition to traditional credit card payment services.  For new traditional PayPal customers the rates are 2.6% plus 30 cents and NO MONTHLY FEES.  If you have an existing PayPal account you can transfer it and keep any recurring profiles that you may have established.


In addition to the options above we also support Authorize.net as a gateway.  If you're already configured for them, it's as simple as entering your Login ID and Transaction Key and you're off to the races.



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