No limit on the number of members or contacts

No limit on the number of pages

Hosted:  Hardware, physical and digital security, environment, electrical and data backups INCLUDED.


Support on software INCLUDED

2.2% +30 cents transaction rates, no gateway fee INCLUDED




Licensing is based upon the number of unique log-ons (seats) you require for administrative purposes.  NOT your total administrative staff.  NOT the number of members or contacts.  Remember, over time your contacts will grow.  It is not just members it's also attendees at meetings and anyone who interacts with you through the web site.  Your contact data is an invaluable resource that you do not want to have to purge to control costs. 

You may share a log-on within your staff.  

Starting for as little as $99/month for one seat.

As the number of seats you require increases, the price per seat drops - dramatically. Five seats is $2,935/year.  Beyond the first five, additional blocks of five seats are only $425/year per block.

Don't forget, Internet4associations® through its partnership with PayPal, can now offer 2.2% (or less) plus 30 cents on Visa, MC and Discover to all of our clients who sign up for PayPal Merchant Services and PayPal will waive the monthly fee for the gateway


AFFORDABLE Association Management Software


Cloud based, hosted, I4A-MEMBERSHIPTM software simplifies management, improves your presence and reduces your work load.
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A simple seat license, no limits on number of members, contacts or  pages.  Upgrades and Software Support INCLUDED.
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Our solutions are comprehensive, designed to meet your needs and continually enhanced with your input.
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