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Today we are accustomed to the phrase “Cloud Computing”, although everyone might not fully understand it.  Internet4associations® was the first cloud provider of association management software (AMS).  Why is this smart?  Because it relieves you of the need to purchase or maintain hardware.  It relieves you of the need to maintain software, update it for security changes and keep up with changes in technology.  But, most importantly, it reduces your work load.  To the extent that members and the public enter information: applications, renewals, registrations through your web site, the job is done.  You don’t have to re-key that data.  The money is in the bank.  The information that you enter in your office automatically updates your website.  No duplication of effort. 

“Cloud” software allows visitors to your site to interact with the database, reducing your workload.

E-Commerce enabled for applications, renewals, meeting registrations and product or downloadable sales.

PCI Compliant

fully Responsive, including 5 families of designs

Membership and contact management

Content Management

Email Marketing

Quickbooks® Integration



Today AMS software has evolved far beyond simply the management of data, accounting and money and has become even more about information sharing.  

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ web site content management is integrated with your data enabling you to target content to your membership or any group within your membership.  

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ supports mobile phones natively.  No need to separately download an “app”.  No need to create a separate website or content.

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ includes email marketing, tied to your database, to allow you to instantly communicate personally and individually with exactly the people that meet the criteria you have set.

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ allows you to market products, literature, anything you choose directly on-line to your members and the public.

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ can create multiple, tailored directories that take advantage of all of the latest mobile technologies.  

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ allows you to solicit information FROM your membership for everything from questionnaires, surveys, polling and more.

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ includes calendaring, image libraries, a resource library, certification management and social media.

I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ is a comprehensive solution to your internet presence and data management.


SMART, Association Management Software


Cloud based, hosted, I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ software simplifies management, improves your presence and reduces your work load.
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A simple seat license, no limits on number of members, contacts or pages. Upgrades and Software Support INCLUDED.
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Our solutions are comprehensive, designed to meet your needs and continually enhanced with your input.
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