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Whether it’s for technical training, discussions within groups; committees, SIGs, chapters, education or just self help, Discussion Forums helps bring your members together.  It creates communities within your membership and makes your organization more relevant and more important to your membership.

Discussion Forums is fully integrated with your membership database, allowing you to create forums specific to or even accessible only by certain groups within your organization.  Members can then create specific topical threads within each area.  A single sign on for your site and for the forums, no separate log in.  

There’s automatic email notification of new threads and of any new posts to threads you have subscribed to or posted within.  This helps create and promote the discussion. 

Discussion Forum allows users collaborate with other members. Members can add their own topics, respond to existing topics, share documents, view replies, and search on topics.

As an administrator, you can set up forums and encourage users to create new topics and threads. Each of your committees can have their own forum, which can be restricted by a password. Also includes a quick-poll feature.

  • Integrated with contact database for single sign on,
  • User defined threads,
  • GROUP threads restricted to membership of groups,
  • Email notification of new threads,
  • Email notification of posts to subscribers of a thread,
  • Individual user blogs,
  • Unlimited number of topics, threads and individual messages.

As an administrator,

  • Set up an unlimited number of forums for users to post.
  • Set access open to all users or restrict access to members’ only.
  • View replies, views and last posts within each thread.
  • Perform searches by phrase, date, and within specific forums.


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