I4A software is cloud based, licensed software as a service. All that is required is an internet connection. The licensing INCLUDES software support and upgrades. Since it's a hosted solution we take care of hardware, PCI compliance (for e-commerce), backups, maintenance and security.

It can be your web site AND a membership solution combined and the two components are integrated. This permits you to restrict content to your membership or any group or subdivision of your membership.  

Alternatively, if you wish, you can preserve your existing content site and use our software for its e-commerce and database features as a sub-domain.  I4A offers unprecedented options for your site.  Our native platform is fully responsive, or, we also have a free WordPress plug-in that supports single sign on integration for any WordPress site hosted anywhere.  In many ways I4A is the ONLY comprehensive membership solution for WordPress sites.

Not only do you manage your content and navigation, but unlike nearly all other similar software the "design" or "theme" whichever you prefer to call it, can also be fully administered through the web admin interface. So, you can completely control the look and feel of your site.  We offer five families of responsive design that can literally be dropped in to your site, modified for logos and colors, etc. and include free images and graphics.  Use them as is, or as a jumping-off point for a custom design.

You can also have multiple designs within a single instance of the software, even micro-sites; multiple web addresses and navigation for special interest groups within your organization.  

I4A software comes in two flavors:



Includes all of I4A-Membership and then adds popular additional features.


Beginning with our industry leading I4A-Communities platform.  Be the center of your members' online experience with I4A-Communities. Communities includes targeted email, direct messaging, threaded discussions in forums and a personalized feed for each individual providing an experience fully integrated with your membership software that you will not find anywhere else.  No separate domain, no separate web site and no separate set-up fee.  

Email  Campaigns:

Also included is our comprehensive Email Campaign module,  Unique to I4A-Enterprise is the ability for follow on email campaigns to:

  • Resend to Individuals that did not open,
  • A new message to Individuals that did open, or
  • Follow on campaigns to individuals that may have clicked on any number of links included in the original campaign.  

Also download those groups.  

ALSO INCLUDED is a sophisticated On-Line Shopping Cart, banner ads, surveys and more.



Includes: applications, renewals, meeting registrations and the related e-commerce.  Members may edit their own profile.  There are form building capabilities for miscellaneous forms and unlimited member directories.  It supports GROUPS for restricting access to content, registrations, discussion forums, calendar entries and the like.  It also includes an image library, resource directory, calendar and certifications management.  Pretty much all that you interact with your membership through the web site.  A comprehensive suite built to meet all of your membership needs.

ALSO INCLUDED is a sophisticated email campaign feature that interacts in real time with your existing database; no exporting and importing of files and no separate additional cost.  An intuitive wizard walks you through the process, including a template builder allowing you to create customized email designs.  Send personalized emails to any group of members or registrants instantly in real time, or set up a schedule of emails at set dates and times in the future.  These are individual emails, not bcc’s or undisclosed recipients, from whatever address you choose and they can contain any information you have within your database.  Your stats reflect unique individuals, and you’re also capable of comparing stats of multiple campaigns to evaluate the effectives of date, time, subject and the like on the campaign’s effectiveness.

The e-commerce feature connects with your existing merchant account, includes the capability for allowing members and contacts to save a card (or ACH, e-check) on file (your database does not contain the actual card information)  and for you to, at their election, to automatically charge their accounts for dues renewals.  

The software has an export utility for Quickbooks



The cost is NOT a function of the number of members or records in your database, that is unlimited.  Nor is it a function of the size of your website, similarly that is unlimited.  It is a function of the number of unique individuals that require access to the administration of the program.  This is not necessarily your total staff.  Just those that need access.

Included are support and upgrades.  We have a support web site and an 800 number.  Our support is rated 4.85 out of 5 by our own clients based upon a thousand follow up responses to the support we have provided.


Installation is straightforward. We provide you with a development web site, with all software pre-installed.  Wizards walk you through critical installation processes.  We also provide a project manager to assist you throughout the entire process, an 800 number, tech support website, and 4 hours of on-line personal training.  If you feel that you need additional assistance we can provide someone expert in marketing, copyright and design to do the work for you.

I4A has been providing associations with internet solutions for over 24 years.  We were one of the first, if not the first, cloud based SAAS provider of association management software.

Our philosophy is to provide a quality product at a good price.  Our focus is to enhance our software, work closely with our clients and grow both of our businesses collaboratively.  

I4A Membership Software is SMART, AFFORDABLE and a SOLUTION.  We mean that sincerely.  And when our clients need us we will be there.

Thanks again and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.



Cloud based, hosted, I4A-MEMBERSHIP™ software simplifies management, improves your presence and reduces your work load.
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A simple seat license, no limits on number of members, contacts or pages. Upgrades and Software Support INCLUDED.
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Our solutions are comprehensive, designed to meet your needs and continually enhanced with your input.
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