Introducing Career Hub!


Introducing Career Hub!
I suppose it is not common to refer to software this way, but it is gorgeous. This is big. It's an entirely new product, written from scratch. If you have Career Center you are entitled to switch to Career Hub. If you have I4A-AMS or Office Manager Lite or Office Manager you can add it to your web site offerings.

There is a lot of information and screen shots in the Support Wiki. It can be an entirely new feature to your site and a revenue maker. It is fully integrated with your primary contact database so resume and job postings will be included in an individual's activities: one sign on, one contact record. It uses our core functionality for e-commerce allowing it to support things like stored credit cards. And, it works with the accounting so that all of it's activity is included in journal entries and Quickbooks exports.

Social Media: Facebook Share We have incorporated new fields that allow you to control the look of the shared page on Facebook and other social media sites. Learn how this and a new "Share" widget can be used in combination to promote your site on people's Facebook pages and feeds.

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