I4A Celebrates 20 Years


I4A Celebrates 20 Years!

That's right, it's our 20th Anniversary! And to celebrate we have rolled out a new website.  Check it out at: Internet4associations.com.

Every President's Message, I encourage you to contact us if you want to implement a new design. This design is a great example of what can be done on the I4A platform.

You'll find examples of:

  • Parallax Scrolling. This is a big trend in design right now. In it the background seems to stay put as the copy scrolls. Use it sparingly, but it is a neat, subtle effect and provides an illusion of depth.
  • Floating Navigation. Or fixed depending on your perspective. Either way it doesn't slide off the top of your screen as you scroll down. Instead it stays put.
  • Our Facebook Share Widget. This is different than a "Like". This is about promoting YOUR website via Facebook. The widget, combined with our accompanying meta tags, defines the image and text that appears on the Facebook wall of the person who's sharing and on the feeds of people who follow them. Check it out. See how it works from our site and if you would like to add it to yours we can show you how.
Some of you have taken us up on the offer of assistance with your themes and we have included a design gallery of sites, developed on our platform, that you might find interesting.


Turn on the Way-Back Machine:  

In this business twenty years IS a long time. In 1996 America On-Line was king. If you were on the internet at all, you were probably using a Hayes dial-up modem. To create even a simple brochure web site would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

We felt there had to be a better way and we have been committed always to providing a good product at a reasonable price. In fact over the past twenty years we have never raised our pricing

Also, in the past twenty years a lot of technology companies have come and gone. So, you know it means something when we say, "when you need us we will be there"

Thank you all for being our clients. Do check out our new site, "Share" us on Facebook, and if you're interested in assistance with a new look and feel for your site don't hesitate to contact us.


Very truly yours,

Donald Rome
Internet4Associations 180 6th Street N., Naples, FL 34102


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